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Adelaide Art Society Website

Adelaide Art Society Website

July 27, 2020

About Adelaide Art Society

The Adelaide Art Society was founded in 1952 under the name “Citizens Art Group” by a small group of dedicated artists who wished to foster a high standard in the visual arts. Our studio, built-in 1878 was used for many purposes including years as a grain store.


It was purchased by the group in 1964 and since then additions were added. It consists of a large studio/gallery with excellent lighting, a smaller second studio, kitchen and storeroom. There are around 150 members of the Society, both amateur and semi-professional artists.


We aim to foster art among our members and the wider community by the provision of a comfortable well equipped working space. We offer activities including

  • Painting groups (‘sketch groups’) covering a wide variety of subjects and situations.
  • Workshops in all media.
  • Opportunities to exhibit regularly, informally through sketch groups as well as formally, in selected exhibitions.
  • Social nights/occasions providing discussion and information sharing opportunities.


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0435 137 974

0435 137 974